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Authors Instructions (Full Paper)

  1. Papers must be written in English.
  2. The length of the full paper is limited to a maximum of 12 A4 pages in a two-column format.
  3. Figures should be clear and legible.
  4. All papers must be submitted in PDF format.
  5. The deadline for the full and final paper submission is 21st August 2018. The accesss to the full paper submission will be opened here in June.
  6. When submitting the full paper, please ensure that the updated extended abstract is also submitted, together with the signed Clearance Form, both in pdf format.
  7. The templates (Wordfile) of the full paper, the accepted extended abstract and the paper clerance form can be downloaded below. Please ensure that the 3 digits paper ID number is added to both the full paper and the extended abstract.



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